Sunday, April 11, 2010

All The Lonely People

(Strange Tales #3)

I woke up wondering in those days if Eleanor Rigby
Was an avatar of that quiet lady down the street.
She seemed so precise and poised, though plain,
Something in the way she moved was sweet to see
Each morning, but we never spoke or met.
I’d meant to attend her service yesterday
Because the gossips said there was no one going,
But I had to work—it was just another day in my life.

My neighbor’s daughter Loretta on the left is seldom home
And seems to play her devil music for no one when she is.
Sometimes she strums her guitar and gently weeps
Out on the veranda and doesn’t think that I can hear her.
Other times she plays old Sixties records real loud;
She lets them endlessly repeat and looks left and right
And sighs as if waiting for someone to perform with...


Current draft: 3/26/2010
Created on 3/26/2010 10:16 AM

There are 5 Beatles references in each stanza above; almost no one will have trouble finding them. I just found it entertaining to do, despite the damage to the originality of the poem.

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