Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's Pitiful

Even "the Ammurican people" (as LBJ liked to call them) eventually turned against the Vietnam war. You know, in modern parlance: Joe Six-pack? I think President Obama is fucking up big-time. I hope that he turns out lucky, but I don't expect it any more. I don't think his recent war decision to send tens of thousands more soldiers was the goal that he was elected for and it will all go against him. He may be under the impression that he is again being "noble", but I don't believe that belief alone will help him avoid the quagmire. Soldiers, especially generals, like to fight, to continue the conflict, regardless of how much it's going to require to win. How many other administrative goals the war will sink for Obama, I don't know, but I expect other disasters. I am very sorry that the sonofabitch decided to be "presidential", just like Bush. Once again, a President from Texas has handed off a losing battle to the next guy to actually lose. They just turned the political parties around, that's all--otherwise it's the same stupid fucking dance.


  1. I'm not going all negative on Obama just yet.
    I understand your view, and can't wholly disagree, but we don't have the advantage of knowing the detail that Obama does. To us it all looks like a stoopid waste of life and $$$$$.

    I have confidence in Obama (maybe I'm naive). I reckon he's a good man - as good as they come in politics, at least. He has to satisfy numerous demands, and is faced with a whole set of piles of s..t that no new president ought to have to face, as well as the fact that he's black and some of his countrymen don't like to see a black person in the White house. They will do anything in their power to discredit him.

    I'm going to stay on his side. I voted for him, and I will trust him, his judgment and fine intelligence to do the right thing, in all the circumstances, (of which he is cognisant and I'm not).

  2. After writing my earlier comment I read this piece at Huff Post by Bob Cesca - he puts the situation well, for me at least. In case you'd care to read it.....

  3. I would be glad to be wrong, but that's what I think. He's not doing it for evil reasons, but they are still bad reasons. I could have said theh same of Bush, who I hated like poison, and where does that leave us? Abandon hope, I say again!

  4. the end of the world wouldn't be all bad. Yes, I read that article and I don't care. I believe we will never all agree that we can abandon that war. If it's to be done, it'll have to be done by someone who isn't a militaristic believer in the same old/same old.


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