Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Had trouble last night and this morning with my wireless mouse. Replacing battery didn't work. Tried an alternate brand of battery, tried a new battery, tried a newly-charged recharge battery, all to no avail. Considered stepping on it like it was a real rodent, but I abstained.

On a lark, I used my hand-warmer (hair dryer) on low and fumbled with it for a while until I noticed a menu screen had popped up for some reason, then disappeared. WAS IT ALIVE? Did more warming for a while and it seemed to wake up. It DOES get cold out here in my study and my hands can testify to that! Strange, though. I would never have considered that the equipment could get cold and go into hibernation!


  1. LOL! Mercury Retrograde (see my post today).
    I know you think it's twaddle. I don't care. ;-)

  2. If I were the nervous type, I'd think of the OTHER devices giving me trouble just now, but I have more anger than nervousness.


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