Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Old Days

(Email To The Blogger Future)

Some day you will recall
How you used to speak with me
In the old days of the Internet,
And others may or may not remark it.

Whichever way it goes, it won’t mean much
To anyone but yourself and you’ll wonder at it,
Guessing that there must have been others who also spoke
And where are they now and what do they think—

But it will only be a moment’s pause, a mere thought,
And you’ll go on again without a care for me,
For the world will have changed again by then,
Misused and abused faster than even the Internet can calculate.

Created on 11/18/2009 5:25 PM


  1. This is for you, Mr. Jones (and 99 otheers like you!).

  2. Yes, but not while I'm still conscious (and what else matters?).


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