Monday, November 23, 2009

Most Frequent Blogger Questions

  My work at Most Frequent Blogger Questions must be done.  It’s finished, I mean.  It’s not the “best of” anything, nor is it Number One for any reason, but I’ve managed to turn loose of it, and that’s a wonderful thing.  It has freed me.  At first I didn’t realize how much so, but now I see that I’ve written a dozen new poems (at least their beginnings) in the past couple of weeks, and that’s a big accomplishment to me.  I sometimes get a Gerard Manley Hopkins sort of feeling like,

myself it speaks and spells,
Crying Whát I do is me: for that I came.” (Hopkins)

My poetry is indeed more nearly what I came to the Internet for!

Hopkins is a far better poet than I am, but he’s also more difficult to read these days!  Maybe three people in the universe will read me, if I’m lucky. 
This simplistic post was constructed in Windows Live Writer and then "Published" to this blog. Not bad, though I am not a person who has lately had any troubles just writing my posts in the Blogger editor.

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