Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Get Worse And Worse!

This Year's Visits and Page Views by Month

None of this Site Meter shit makes any real sense to me.  I might understand that I got worse each month since last November, but I surely didn’t get better in October of this year and then worse again in November of this year!  That wasn’t true!  I’ve been doing OK lately, I thought.  So much for me bothering to think…


  1. From what I've read everyone's blog visits are down. Mine have been cut in half in the past year.

    Apparently blogs are out and Facebook, etc. is in, but I already know how you feel about Facebook. I play Scrabble there, but otherwise I wouldn't bother.

  2. Yeah, pretty soon i'll have to go some other place just to be pitiful! I guess I've truly become an old fogey who, despite knowing that things always change, I don't know how to adjust to it!


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