Friday, April 01, 2005

All Fact Is Fiction, And Poems More So

Older Women

He saw the older woman once more after that,
Twenty years later. The remnants of her beauty were great…
He saw her daughter, June, too, his formerly intended young lover,
Who had cursed him then for his failures at beauty and performance,
Who now looked like her mother had looked, but darker.

Her appearance now was as beautiful as it was formidable.
June was cruel as ever her mother had been
And just as careless as she herself had ever been.
It was strange how her mother had softened toward him.
He began briefly to feel aroused,

Until he realized it was toward the wrong woman
That he'd turn, no matter which way he turned.
"Grow a brain," he sighed.

2005 Ronald C. Southern


This post wouldn't publish endless times. Blogger had some new-looking and new phrase to tell me there were java errors, which of course means 100% nothing to me! After wrestling with it, I finally remembered one old trick that worked for me in the past: I totally deleted the post and started all over. That worked. Now someone tell me why!

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