Friday, April 08, 2005

Smart Aleck Remarks

I don't say this as a fact, but as a great liklihood, that it doesn't matter to most of you what my life is or what it has been, but only that I somehow make it sound amusing. It doesn't even have to sound interesting, as far as I can tell. I have become infatuated with some of you, too, whose lives sound about as interesting as aspirin. Perhaps some of us will meet in the afterlife and have exquisite or gruesome sex together, depending on the sexes involved.
Stupid Blogger Is Now Saying

Delete your cookies. I did and suddenly I could get on Blogger and into editing again. But deleting cookies, though simple, is troublesome and I hope that fix doesn't have to be repeated again and again!
I have experimentally opened a blog at LiveJournal in order to have some place to bitch while the dog Blogger endlessly licks its own crotch. It's The Ratsoid Squeaks. I wonder if I shoulda spelled ratsoid with a z? Who cares, though? Anyway, don't depend on Ratsoid being a fount of information and style unless Mad Dog Blogger goes down again for long or longer periods of time. If that happens, you'll find me getting my fix on LiveJournal.

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