Monday, December 06, 2004

Palm Beach Pest Control Operator

Send Lawyers, Guns, And Money!

A few years ago, I read about a Palm Beach Pest Control Operator who, after treating a courthouse with pesticide, went back to his office for lunch and discovered that in less than an hour he’d gotten 30 phone calls of complaint about the job he’d just done. Worse, all the complainants were lawyers! Each was complaining of the stinky dangerous-smelling choking odor of that chemical when in fact he was using the most expensive of the new low-odor synthetic pyrethroids. This stuff was so safe that not everyone doing pest control work even considered it very effective!

I guess you’d call that a Heart Attack Day for a pest control man who was already trying to be considerate and uncontroversial with his customers. Without knowing any more than this little outline, my thought at the time was that, like sharks in the vicinity of a drop of blood, 30 lawyers at once all smelled a good personal injury lawsuit, with themselves as the plaintiff and lawyer both!

Unfortunately, I never heard how that news story ended. I wondered at the time, though, if there wasn’t a counter charge that could have been brought against the lawyers for Being Big Slobberin’ Sissy-babies!

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