Saturday, December 04, 2004

Can't Fight Annie Hall

But I'd Gladly Kick the Crap Outta Julia Roberts

Below is a list of titles that I accumulated over the years and never used. I fully intended them to come into use, for poems, for short stories, whatever—but that never happened. I throw them before you like pearls before swine, or swill before fine ladies and gentlemen, or crabs before crumbs, I dunno. Guess that's how this list is still hanging around, I "didn't know" for the past twenty years. Steal one, if you like, I'm sick of 'em!

Possible Titles List

  1) "More And More Pizza"
  2) "Fighting Loneliness With Savagery"
  3) "White Women Can't Dance"
  4) "Copulating Quarters (Or, Will It Make Money?)"
  5) "Ugly Women, Forgotten Men"
  6) "No Kiss Is Ever Wasted"
  7) "No, It Ain't OK!"
  8) "Frustrated Conversations"
  9) "Cartoon Poontang With Pontoon"
10) "Panda Bear With Poontang"
11) "Pointy Hats and Hieroglyphs"
12) "Can't Fight Annie Hall"
[As you see, I finally got to use one of the titles! May not make sense, but I used it!]

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