Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas Ennui

Season’s Greetings

Christmas Ennui has arrived. Now increasingly there are people as unoccupied as I am. Except that they have been shopping (I have not.) They are planning parties (I am not.) They will be going out of town (I will not).

From today until who knows when, my posts will become shorter, more utterly frivolous, or more depressive. Therefore, if you miss them, you won’t miss much. But I won’t shut down. Those of you not sure whether to call the Suicide Line might need me. Call me first. I’ll be your reassurance that you have made the right decision. Or that you can instead get drunk and think about it again next year. Truth is, I don’t mind if you barf or bleed, as long as you don’t scare the children. Or me.

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