Thursday, May 13, 2004

Correction to “How to Implement Permalinks”

A Note To the Amateur Techno-Geeks In My Audience
(You Know Who You Are)

A small correction to the permalinks instructions a couple of days ago: You DO NOT have to use the exact title in referring back to the permalink. The previous sentence is an example of that, something that should have been clear to me from seeing other people’s use of permalinks. Somewhere I got the wrong impression and went joyously down the primrose path.

The need for the title appears to be merely as a marker—the clicked link searches for the indicated permalink address, then uses the line immediately below the title field to home in on as its “top of the screen” mark. When titles are two lines long, only the bottom line of the title shows. I think now that permalinks don’t know one title from another, only the location of the title field.

Boy, I hate to be wrong.

WELCOME BACK TO NATALIE from your week of rest or flurried flight through space or whatever the heck it was. Congratulations and good luck with your new job!

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