Sunday, December 14, 2008

We Don't Know Much

In August 2006, Technorati found that the most linked-to blog on the Internet was that of Chinese actress Xu Jinglei. Chinese media Xinhua reported that this blog received more than 50 million page views, claiming it to be the most popular blog in the world.

The info above was taken from the Wikipedia article about blogs. Whether the info is accurate or not, I cannot say, but I do find it fascinating that something/someone so wonderfully popular two years ago is still an utter mystery to me--I've never heard of this or any other Chinese actress! Oh, well, actors and actresses everywhere are moving in different social circles from me. We don't know much in America, it's plain to see. I doubt that even the American actors and actresses know Xu Jinglei (what is she, anyway--a jingle bell?).

Ah, well, somebody somewhere cares, but not me...

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