Saturday, December 13, 2008

Intergalactic Underachiever?

"The Day The Earth Stood Still" seems to be taking a bad beating, from amateurs and pros alike, so far. I haven't seen it, but the original was always one of my favorites, and I have little expectation of a movie that stars the most witless shit of a non-acting actor possible, Keanu Reeves. Well, unless they'd hired that weird comic homunculus, Jack Black!

Anyway, I'm sorry to hear, but not surprised, that this is one more movie remake that is worse that the original. Apparently, if all I've heard so far is true, it's another remake where they thought that more elaborate special effects would make up for all their lack of heart. Images instead of ideas, but that's typical Hollywood, isn't it? Too bad, I guess. I don't see many movies any more, and maybe this is one of the reasons why.


  1. I plan to see it in iMax soon, but not expecting too much.

    The beauty of the original was its simplicity. To over do it, especially with CGI, is to kill it!

  2. What is wrong with movie makers - don't they have a grain of imagination? There are millions of stories out there waiting to be filmed, but they are too lazy to go find 'em. They'd rather ruin movies that are perfect just as they are.

    TV bosses are no better - there was a wonderful TV series called Survivors back in the 70s in the UK - it was perfect (about how a group of people managed to survive after a virus wiped out the population. how they got a form of civilisation back together). They've just re-made it! Why not just show the original again and put the extra money to improving programmes in general - Oh no, that would serve the interests of the viewers - we can't have that!

  3. I wonder how much trouble it'd be to bounce you on my knee? We could throw eggs at the TV together, if nothing else.


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