Friday, September 19, 2008

Mail Box And Post

On top of having no cable TV, we can't get the daily paper at present because we have no box for it. The box for the paper was attached below the mail box, which is also gone. If you want those details, I include them below.

The storm didn't get the mail box, but some drunks or pill heads cruising around town the night after managed to wipe out the three mail boxes and posts grouped together. The post for our mail box was some piece of pipe, about 4 inches wide and very sturdy, that my father had put there decades ago--I wouldn't have thought it would be damaged, but the old Oldsmobile they say plowed into it must be more powerful that a hurricane. That pipe, buried 3 feet deep in the ground came up out of the wet ground along with the other two less sturdy posts! Somebody in the neighborhood pulled that car out of the ditch and sent the three drunks/pill heads on their way, one of them bleeding badly from bouncing his head against the windshield. Apparently our neighbor just wanted to get them out of our area--send them to kill somebody somewhere else, I guess. Maybe they had a wreck in front of a cop the next time (one can only hope), but I'm sure police were still straining to maintain order in my small town the night after the storm and would have been hard to contact. I don't know. I wasn't here. Weird shit happens when you leave home.


  1. Ron, I'm glad to see you and yours, minus the mailbox, survived the hurricane. I was glued to the TV the night it came ashore. Scary stuff but fascinating to watch from several hundred miles away.

  2. Ah, Tv; haven't seen much for over a week! Time-Warner has us by the throats.

  3. Ron, I wondered how your place did in the storm! I am glad that you are/were safe! Still, it is always a pain to have to get ready and deal with the mess even if it could have been much worse!

  4. Righty-right, Rhodent! If we start having too many hurricanes, I may move to Arizona or Nevada or some other morally bankrupt locale just to get awan from them. The problem aint the evacuating, it's when we come right back like stupid lemmings!


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