Sunday, September 28, 2008

Body Experience

You ever look at yourself and feel like it looks like someone else? I never have out-of-body experiences, but I do have this experience (see my photo in sidebar).

All that aside, my internet connection self-suspended itself for the past several days, but finally just unplugging the modem and turning it back on again fixed it. A cheap fix, once my nephew came along and just did it!


  1. Oh, yeah. I can be walking through the store and haughtily wonder who that is staring at me, then I realize its myself in a mirror.

    Your picture looks great. You have some color back. Funny about the modem. Can't ask for better than easy and cheap.

  2. Guess I could call that the "Stuck Electron" post, something like that MIGHT explain to me what happened. But what's past is past, why worry?


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