Sunday, January 06, 2008

Who Invited You?

Good late morning, you drebus drebjus! The day's half gone and I'm not even sure that I buttoned my pants yet... I'd like a piece of raisin bread, but will have to settle for a sugar-free oatmeal raisin cookie. Not bad, actually... Oh, yeah, I said that before. But I figure some of you weren't listening.


  1. Hay there Ron honey. Still looking good. At least your blog is working. I'm so feed up with blogger I'm beginning to think they are all in link with the GOP, in perticular that nut Huckybee (sp)? I've no time for any nuts but you sweety. God has it been boring these days. Can't do a damm thing with said Blog and still have a cold.
    Ron all you have to do on Shelfari is check other peoples shelfs and if you have read the book mark it on your shelf as I have read. You can also say if you own the book too.
    It's great fun and you come up smelling like one smart cookie!
    How are you BTW? Write to me I am loney.

    love you, Melanie

  2. Well, I dropped by to check on you, but I see you are in good hands.

    I could go for a cookie too, trying to lose a little of this gut.


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