Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shrinking And Growing

When I first got terribly sick with diabetes, etc. more than two years ago, I began to shrink. Lose weight, I mean. At 135 or so, I was about 100 lbs. shy of my former fat self. Some return to health brought me back up to about 160, and that seemed like a good weight to be. For one thing I ended up with a lot of new pants and shirts that fit me like that. But lately I got even fatter, and whether that has anything to do with more good health, one has to doubt! Nonetheless it's real.

This week I decided to give in to it and get some cheap pants or jeans at the local Good Will store. I'd gotten to where I only had 2 or 3 pairs that fit me. But I wore myself out in that store--every time I found the right width, it was the wrong length! Today I went to another nearby town and wore myself out equally searching through their junk. I wish they'd mark those pants for sizes before they hang them up because this way the hangers have to be removed in order to find the size label IF the size label is still there! (And some of those damn hangers need to be thrown away--I got tired of picking up items that fell to the floor when I merely brushed my hands against them. At first, I tried to be a good customer and rehang them, but that's when you discover that they're crappy hangers--probably some damn CEO saving pennies by not allowing old ones to be discarded! Sorry shit. I finally gave up after I'd worked as hard and as well as I could. Later I went to Wal*Mart and spent a fortune (comparably) on three new pants and a jacket. Maybe I'll go back to Good Will some day, but why the hell would it be very soon when I now have clothing to fit a thin, a regular, a fat, and a real fat man?!

I think I'll go watch TV and gobble something now! Know what I mean?


  1. Bargain shopping for clothes is the worst! I go to Ross quite a bit but you are right in that it can be frustrating to wade through racks of clothes looking for something you can wear.

  2. I guess I did too well the first couple of times I went shopping for size 36 pants. It misled me into thinking that shopping was gonna be easy from then on! Not true, and on top of it I expanded, thereby increasing all problems.


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