Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Caught In The Closet Contest - Part Three

Gimme a story, gimme a story! There are no Caught In The Closet Contest entries yet and it's very irritating. Was it a self-fulfilling prophecy when I said my readers don't fall for this shit? Oh, didn't I say that? Maybe it was you said it. Maybe it was Judge Crater. Maybe the next president of the USA. Maybe that 18 year old girl out there on the Internet who won't answer my messages. Or the 28 year old or the 38 year old... God, they're really stacking up. Keep an old sex fiend off the streets, please, give me something to do! Give me an embarrassing discovery story!

Oh, well, fine! I'd probably make it too long and boring, anyway. That's what I usually do. Everyone's running away now, I can hear their feet pattering down the path outside immediately after their shoes slide noisily on the waxed floor and the resounding impact of their knees smacking into the kitchen door is heard. I'll get you, my little pretties--you and your little dog, too!
Here's a photo of Trini Lopez, four other guys, and Your Girl on a Surprise Family Photo she didn't know about.

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