Monday, March 08, 2010

Witness And Judge, Part Two

(For Parents Dead Or Alive)

Who else would have worked so hard for us
Or spent so much of their own lives prompting us
Not to overspend or underwash or eat that stinky cheese!
It may be tempting to be venal and resent how often
They nailed us for mere venial sins, but do we recall
And admit who saved us from killing ourselves as kids
Or, later, from living in debt or jail
Or in a dirty home or in the street?


Current draft: 3/8/2010
Created on 2/15/2010 11:48 AM

1 comment:

  1. Didn't realise I'd missed so many, Ron!
    Oh, but you're dark and dismal again - this last one's a bit different though.

    Yes, I like this.

    The others are all good, of course, but they are very personal and inward-looking, and a bit inaccessible to most readers, unless they share your melancholia.


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