Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Save The TV Sets

I finally got around to requesting my coupon worth forty bucks for a digital-TV converter from the gummint, though I understand I'm shit out of luck 'cause they're out of money. If they send it, you gotta use it within 90 days or it self-destructs like a mission-impossible tape. I only have one old TV that I never watch until I come back from some goddamn hurricane evacuation and discover that there' no cable to go along with the electricity--then I suddenly need the sorry piece of shit. I also thought it would be amusing to force the Feds to spend 40 bucks on a TV that isn't really worth two dollars. I suppose I have a depraved sense of humor sometimes, but I don't care.

Let Wall St. go to hell. Let the automakers go with them! Let all the beef and chicken go bad! Just don't let the goddamn TV industry fail us!

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